Tips For Choosing Office Gifts For Coworkers


Office coworkers share a unique relationship. You work together as a team, rely on each other, and are part of each other's lives every single workday. But at the same time, that relationship also relies on a certain professional distance and respect. So when it comes time to express your friendship, gratitude, or holiday cheer, how do you choose the right gift?

It can be challenging to choose the right gifts for your whole team. How do you plan gifts that are cool, appreciated, equal for everyone, and not too personal all at the same time? We have a few ideas. 

What are the Benefits of Giving Gifts to Coworkers?

Coworkers build a team bond together, and sharing gifts builds on that bond. Every year, many teams share a White Elephant, Secret Santa, or similar gift-giving game. You may have a great team who deserves your appreciation, or coworkers who really stepped up to support you in the last year. Maybe you're just a gift-giving person, and want to do it right.

Giving gifts to your coworkers is a great way to say that you care without stepping across the business-personal boundary. All you have to do is choose the right team gift.

How to Pick the Best Coworker Gifts

Here are your 4 essential rules to the best coworker gift ideas:

1. Keep it Equal

  • Give everyone gifts that are essentially equal in value, interest, and appeal. Team gifts and matching sets in favorite colors are both a great approach to equality.

2. Keep it Practical

  • Don't go overboard. Pick something simple, that is easy to give and to match in return. Family-friendly gifts are especially smart for remote co-workers, and healthy snacks are deliciously practical.

3. Stay On Your Budget

  • Respect your own budget. Coworker gifts are a lighthearted way to build a team bond. Your budget shouldn't take a dent.

4. Make it Useable at Work

  • The best team gifts are fun to keep on desks and use at work. Pick something they can keep in their desks. Your gifts might even become part of your shared team culture. 


Bring the Team Together - Think Snack Time

One of the best types of team gifting is snacks. Everyone likes salty, crunchy, and sweet in a variety of cool flavors. And you can enjoy snacks at work. You might see those snacks being noshed the same day as the gifting or months from now when a coworker gets hungry on the job.

Here at Opopop, we've found that gourmet popcorn is one of those great universal snacks that everyone can enjoy. Corn allergies are pretty rare and with a flavor variety pack, every coworker is sure to find a favorite. But why send a canister of half-stale popcorn when you can give the gift of fresh-popped, steamy flavored popcorn and a no-burn popper bowl instead?

The Team Gift that Brings Smiles

Everyone loves snacks. There is one expression we all make when offered candy or a bowl of popcorn. It's the grin of opportunity. We think "sweet!" and dive in. Some people tuck snacks into their desk drawer for a satisfying emergency. Some can't resist ripping open a package to try the first one. The one thing you can be sure of is that all your coworkers will appreciate a healthy snack pack when you need gift ideas for the whole team.

For the first gifting, send team members their own Opopop Discovery Kit with an awesome silicone popper bowl and 7 different popcorn flavors.

After that, you can cover every holiday gift exchange with a Variety Show refill for each of your awesome coworkers.

You'll soon have microwave popcorn as a new team favorite - and a lightweight way to share Zoom snacks altogether.

New Team Member? Here's an Idea

Snacks are also a great way to greet a new team member. Nothing says "you're one of us" like an invitation to settle in with a snack. Let your newest team member know that they're officially one of the crew with an employee welcome gift and familiar snack box. Even if you're zooming, seeing that familiar package will bring a smile to everyone's face.

Send your new team member an Opopop Pop Cups Discovery Pack to bring them into the popcorn-at-work experience. They'll realize just how welcoming your gesture is when they see that signature silicone popper bowl show up in the Zoom-cams of other team members along the way. Discover their favorite flavor and send a re-up when holidays and birthdays roll around.

Corporate Gifting? Opopop's Got You Covered

If you want to put together a custom gift package for your team, you don't have to order ala-carte. Opopop can help you build just the right number of popper bowls and Flavor Wrapped Popcorn Kernel variety packs for your entire team. Gifting coworkers has never been this easy - or appreciated. Whether your team is remote, hybrid, you're sharing the office microwave, popcorn is a great coworker gift that everyone can enjoy.

Check out Opopop flavored popcorn discovery packs for your next coworker or team gifting event.


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