Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For People Who Enjoy the Finer Things

Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas (Flavored Popcorn, Rose Wine, Candles, Estelle Colored Glass, Rumpl Blanket)

Are you looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift that your partner (or Galentine) will actually use? Who isn’t?! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite brands (most of which came from our in-house Finer Things expert, Amy). 

Finer Things Club The Office Valentine's Day Galentine's Day Gifts

Take a look at her recommendations and check back on Instagram on February 7th to enter to win some of these amazing products to gift… or keep for yourself (we won't know guys). 

Valentine's Day Collection Unique Gifts

Opopop (of course) Limited Edition Valentines Discovery Collection $47

You get all the flavor-testers beautifully wrapped in an extra-cute pink and red package including: Vanilla Cake Pop, Cinnalicious, Maui Heat, Chedapeno, Fancy Butter, Salted Umami, and Test Launch (Lightly Salted). The variation on flavors is perfect for a date night-in. Valentine’s Day Plans: Rewatching The Notebook and ranking your favorite flavors. 


In Good Taste Dozen Rosés Wine Flight Unique Valentine's Day Gift

In Good Taste Dozen Rosés Wine Flight $79

You heard a dozen roses… I was hoping for a dozen rosés. But really, if you’re looking for a unique Valentine’s Day Gift that you can enjoy together, 12 mini bottles of delicious wine should do the trick. This 12pk of Rosés includes the highest rated wines and comes with a tasting guide and pairing recommendations. Note: Rosé is killer with our flavored popcorn. 

Wax Buffalo Champagne Candle Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

Wax Buffalo Champagne Candle $24

Like a floral arrangement, a candle is a Valentine’s Day Gift that transforms the whole room (but this one lasts longer!). This gorgeous candle smells like effervescent bubbly, with absolutely no overly scented artificial aromatics. It smells clean, looks gorgeous, and will be a unique Valentine’s Day gift that will make them smile every time they light it. 

Estelle Colored Glass Blush Champagne Coupes Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

Estelle Colored Glass Blush Coupes $95

This beautiful stemware is elegant and elevates any drink (champagne or your deskside water, the limit does not exist). What sets this set apart is that it comes in a wide variety of unique colors and is hand-blown.

Rumpl Merino Soft Wool Throw Blanket Unique Valentine's Day Gift

Rumpl Merino Soft Wool Throw $150 

Speaking of movie nights… The Rumpl should be a staple in your movie night repertoire. Gift your Valentine this unique comfy gift and enjoy a cozy night-in together with popcorn, wine, candles, and cute glassware. There is nothing better 😍

Opopop Valentine's Day Giveaway

Remember, gifting is highly personal! Take these unique Valentine's Day gifts as inspiration and tweak them to fit your partner's loves and taste. If you think they'd love ALL of these (I mean, who wouldn't?!) don't forget to enter our Valentine's Day Gifting Giveaway on our Instagram


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