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New to Opopop? The best way to meet all of our gourmet popcorn flavors is to start with one of our curated Discovery Kits. Consider it a quick start guide to mastering your popcorn experience. go ahead, treat yourself.


Searching for the perfect gift? We've got you covered. Our most popular Discovery Kits are packaged in our signature black and yellow gift box so they will arrive all ready to make someone very happy. No bow needed. behold our most giftable products.


Whether you choose Flavor Wrapped Kernels or Peel + Pour Pop Cups, you're guaranteed to get delicious gourmet flavor. From traditional favorites to completely unexpected combinations, we have all the bases covered. this stuff is super yummy.


Someone once said “too much is never enough” and we agree. That’s why every single day, we make more. More fun, more love, more popcorn. stock up on fun.

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