A Message From Our Founders: Our New Product Line

popcorn water april fools brand joke

Opopop® was founded on the principle of innovation. When we launched in 2021, our goal was to revolutionize the popcorn industry. Since then, we’ve worked diligently to be at the forefront of providing consumers with reinvented and reimagined popcorn products and flavor experiences.

But this was never our complete vision. Today, we announce that we are boldly expanding beyond our core offerings and into adjacent categories. We will of course continue to provide you with new and exciting popcorn flavors, but we are also expanding into other promising areas with our legacy of innovation and disruption.

Introducing: Opopop® Flavored Popcorn Water. A radical innovation in flavored hydration. A hybrid product that is both a snack and a beverage. Take a look at our full video announcement from our CEO, Jonas Tempel, and the core team members that made this brand-new product possible. We can’t wait for you to try it.

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