Buying Corporate Gifts They’ll Actually Use

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Corporate gifting is perfect for thanking employees, impressing clients, celebrating milestones, or just making virtual meetings more delicious. While the reasons for corporate gifting vary, the desire to find a gift they’ll actually use is certainly steadfast. 

There are endless options out there for gifting; it can be overwhelming! We have outlined some tips that will help you make your gift selection. 

Get Something Everyone Can Use 

When buying corporate gifts, you have to think about buying for an entire group of people that have different interests and styles. It is not an easy task! Historically, companies have sometimes opted to give nice bottles of wine or other alcohol. While a nice gesture, this is not a gift that everyone can partake in (those who choose not to drink alcohol, pregnant mothers, those who don’t like the taste of wine, etc.). Steering clear of gifts that might alienate the recipient is a good rule of thumb. A great alternative to this is a nice water bottle (minus the giant company logo), delicious gourmet snacks, or a high-quality keepsake. 

Get A Gift That’s More About Them Than You

Sunglasses with your company name on it? Cool… 

When corporate gifting, remember that it should be just that: a gift. If personalized with the company logo, remember to keep it tasteful and don’t overdo it. Sunglasses, keychains, and cheap t-shirts are not a gift - they’re a burden on the Goodwill pile at home. The gift should add value to your employee or client’s life.

Get Something that Makes them Feel Special

While we’re on the note of value… a gift does not have to be expensive for it to feel like a special treat! When searching for the perfect gift, think of the experience that it will create for your giftees. Focus on finding gifts that will brighten their day and make them feel appreciated. 

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Corporate Gifting with Opopop 

We may be biased, but we think that our gourmet popcorn kits are the perfect corporate gift. Every kit is packed with fun flavors they can enjoy at home with their loved ones, on a company Zoom, or in the break room. If that isn’t enough, they’re also:

Gluten free, Non-GMO, no added sugar 

Shipped to one or multiple addresses 

Scheduled to ship at any date

Available for personalization

Learn more or order here

We’re also available on Snappy Gifts, Goody, and Caroo, which are platforms that make it easy to deliver to multiple locations. 

Employee Appreciation Day is March 3

Employee Appreciation day is a great opportunity to show your people some love! Don’t miss this year on March 3, 2023. 

What People Are Saying

“Absolutely crazy fun gift for anyone! It’s unique, high quality, and easy to enjoy with others!” - Olivia B

“I have now purchased for multiple people as gifts and everyone has loved it! It’s great for the person you don’t know what to get. Will be getting again and again!” - Erin D.

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