Delicious Popcorn + Drink Pairings to Serve Your Guests

popcorn margarita drink pairing guests entertaining

If you’re looking to impress your next house guests, we strongly believe the best way to do that is through masterfully preparing your finest culinary work (your favorite Opopop flavor) and a delicious drink. Though we can’t make the drinks for you, we can provide a delicious snack spread. We’ve outlined some drink pairing ideas for our iconic flavors to help you get the juices flowing. 

So go on, entertain them! The popportunities are endless. 


maui heat popcorn flavored drink pairings

Maui Heat + Mojito 

Is your property beachfront? No? They’ll never know the difference when you serve this combo. The sweetness of the pineapple and the heat of the cayenne and smoked paprika work their magic together to give the ultimate island vibes. 

What goes well with island vibes?! We picked the Mojito to pair with Maui Heat because of its irresistible summery flavors. The slight sweetness complements Maui Heat nicely without being *too* sweet. The freshness of mint adds a fun unexpected twist to this pairing. 

 chedapeno popcorn snacks to serve your guests

Chedapeno + Margarita

Think about it… what goes well with cheesy and spicy? MARGS! This one was a no-brainer honestly. Limey deliciousness with your choice of salted rim and the most indulgent cheesy goodness all together in one sitting. Note: this pairing is either for people who are already close friends or people you want to become close friends. Orange fingers bring people together. 

cinnamon popcorn breakfast mimosa


Cinnalicous + Mimosa 

Sweet, decadent cinnamon roll-flavored popcorn calls for morning time’s other favorite treat: the mimosa. Bonus points for being the world’s easiest drink to make. You can focus on the fun! This one is the ultimate jammy party rom-com-watching combo. 

vanilla cake pop flavored popcorn


Vanilla Cake Pop + Espresso Martini 

Cocktail pairing is all about balance. You need a cocktail that can be the yin to Vanilla Cake Pop’s yang. The Espresso Martini is just that – just the right amount of bitter, but smooth and rich. Drink it with Vanilla Cake Pop and BAM! You’ve got a hit. 

fancy butter popcorn gourmet snacking

Fancy Butter + French 75

If the name of the popcorn is “Fancy Butter” you kind of have to pair something French with it by law (just trust us on that one). The French 75 is made with gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and Champagne. It’s sweet, but the lemon will help cut the rich buttery goodness that is Fancy Butter. This one is for impressing people. 

salted umami japanese flavors delicious popcorn snacking

Salted Umami + Gamay

You’re already going funky, you might as well go all the way. Salted Umami is irresistible with just the right touch of intrigue to be a conversation starter for your guests. Pair it with a fun Gamay, a light-bodied red wine that is never boring, but doesn’t overpower food. 


lightly salted popcorn healthy

Lightly Salted + Literally Any Drink

If you’re putting the Test Launch on the table, anything can happen. The night is yours. 

Let us know which pairings you try and tag us on Instagram so we can see your creations! 

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