What Diets Are Popcorn Friendly?

Popcorn is a classic family favorite that perfectly compliments movie night or just makes for a quick, easy, on-the-go snack. If you are watching your waistline or adhering to a particular diet plan, you might be surprised to find how popcorn can fit perfectly into your plan. Keep reading to learn about popcorn on keto, flexible dieting, and why popcorn is the best snack for weight loss!

I’m on Keto, Can I Still Eat Popcorn?

The Keto diet has become one of the most popular diets over the past few years, but it can be a little confusing to figure out what you can eat and what you can’t on this plan. Keto is based on the principles of achieving a state of ketosis achieved through a low-carb, high fat structure. So popcorn actually fits perfectly into this! Even though you adhere to this low-carb philosophy, you will still need to consume carbohydrates. If you’re counting net carbs, popcorn is an awesome option because it’s low in calories and high in fiber. Most people find it difficult to stick to keto because they miss out on so many of their favorite foods, but with Opopop you don’t have to sacrifice your diet just to have a treat!

With Opopop’s wide variety of delicious gourmet flavors, you can reach for popcorn without the guilt. You can easily satisfy a salty craving with our flavors like Spicy Maui Heat. It can be notoriously difficult to satiate a throbbing sweet tooth while on Keto, but don’t worry, there’s an Opopop popcorn just for that. Check out our signature Vanilla Cake Pop flavor, which means that you never have to skip dessert.

Flexible Dieting? Will Popcorn Meet my Macros?

If you adhere to flexible dieting, you may be familiar with the phrase, “does this meet my macros?” A “macro” refers to a macronutrient. There are three: fat, protein, and carbohydrates. When people ask if something will “meet their macros,” they are asking if it will fit into their daily allotment of these macronutrients. As we discussed previously, popcorn is a lower-carb snack that is high in fiber. This means that popcorn is an excellent option for flexible dieters. Due to its fibrous nature, popcorn is very filling. You can munch on a handful and be satisfied quicker than with a regular chip. 

Popcorn is the #1 Healthy Snack for Weight Loss

If you do not stick to a formal diet, but do watch your waistline or are just someone concerned with overall health, popcorn is one of the best snack ideas to reach for. Keep reading to learn more about how this little nutritious kernel can totally change your snack game.

Whole Grain

If you thought whole grains were just oatmeal and grainy loaves of bread, think again. Popcorn is in fact a whole grain. This means that you are getting all of the good stuff when you eat popcorn. Many Americans, especially when snacking, opt for refined grains, which are stripped of many of their original nutrients during processing. Diets that are too high in refined foods can lead to longer-term ailments such as obesity and diabetes. That’s why doctors recommend looking for whole grains, like popcorn. These are full of additional nutrients like magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, copper, and more. Those who consume a diet rich in whole grains report lower risks of heart disease, healthier digestive systems, and reduced inflammation.

Overall Nutrition Stats

Popcorn boasts a pretty healthy overall nutrition profile. All of Opopop’s popcorn flavors are only 140 calories per serving! Each serving also contains 3 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein, making every handful a well-rounded treat.

To-Go Pop-tion

Probably the biggest hindrance to a healthy lifestyle is snacking on the go. Popcorn is super convenient and easy to make, in addition to being low in calories and high in satisfaction. Running out the door with no time to prep? Throw a bag of Opopop in your bag for later. You won’t have to worry about it going bad in transit. It’s ready to heat and eat when you are. Or you can pre-pop it for a portable commute snack.

Banish Boring and Make Your Next Snack Opopop

Ready to snack smarter? Have Opopop on hand during movie night for a treat that won’t totally undo your day. Plus, you can have fun with the flavors, and with Opopop, you can really treat yourself. We suggest our Discovery Kits, which feature a sampling of our famous, favorite flavors, so you always have something different and exciting in your pantry. If you are ready to banish boring snacks, shop our collection of exciting Opopop flavors

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