Healthy Office Snacks You Can Feel Good About

Picture this, it’s 3pm and you and your coworkers are scrounging around the office for some snacks and you manage to blow all of your hard work in the gym that morning on some gross vending machine snacks that you didn’t even want anyway. The next time hunger strikes at the office, you don’t have to settle for something that will leave you dissatisfied. Instead of reaching for those greasy, processed chips, opt for a bag of Opopop popcorn instead. Keep reading to learn more about why popcorn is the best healthy office snack!

Run Those Numbers, Popcorn is Your Healthy Work Snack

When it comes to snack time at the office, it can be really easy to undo your whole day. When the afternoon hits, some people think it’s more convenient to grab something from the vending machine, even if it means a pack of cookies or one of those deceptively high sugar not-so-good-for-you granola bars. If you love being health-conscious at the office or are watching your waistline, popcorn is one of the best snack ideas you could possibly reach for. With a nutrition profile that’s pretty stellar, this little kernel can totally change your office snack game.

Popcorn is Low Calorie with Big Taste

Popcorn is a great choice all around. When you choose Opopop, you won’t be getting you and your coworkers the boring old veggie tray. Opopop boasts a huge selection of signature, delicious, gourmet flavors. And the best part? All of Opopop’s popcorn flavors are only 140 calories per serving. This means that popcorn is a low-calorie option that’s big on taste.

Give Your Office Great Ingredients With No Sneaky Sugar

All of Opopop’s flavors feature great ingredients in addition to being gluten-free and non-GMO. Also, Opopop does not have any sneaky added sugars (that’s right, even Vanilla Cake Pop is sugar-free). This means that you won’t fall into that dreaded sugar snack nap like your cookie monster coworker snoring next to you.

Fiber and Protein: The High-Performance Coworkers

The secret to staving off office hunger is the magic combination of fiber and protein. And with popcorn, you’re in luck because each serving of Opopop contains 3 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein. The fiber fills you up making you feel fuller for longer. Protein decreases your hunger hormones and gives you the energy to power through those spreadsheets. In summary, the dynamic duo of fiber and protein is the high-performance coworker that will round out your healthy office snack cabinet.

Popcorn’s Whole Grain Goodness

Move over oatmeal, there is a way more fun whole grain in the office. Popcorn is in fact a whole grain and one little kernel boasts a whole range of vitamins and nutrients. Many Americans, especially when snacking, reach for simple starches. These are the kinds of processed grains that are stripped of many of their original nutrients during refinement. The danger of a diet that features too many highly refined foods is the development of long-term ailments such as obesity and diabetes. 

Quick and Convenient

Probably the biggest hindrance to healthy office snacking is the lack of quick, convenient options. With popcorn, there is virtually no prep. All you have to do is pop some in your office breakroom microwave and you can get to healthy snacking in no time. Running out the door to another meeting? Throw some Opopop in your briefcase for later without worrying that it will spoil in transit. Simply heat it and eat it wherever your workday takes you. In the post-work fast-food drive-through again? Skip that unhealthy trap. If you are constantly stuck in traffic after a long day at the office, you can pre-pop some of it for a portable snack for your commute. 

Opopop is the Best Way to Switch Up Your Healthy Office Snacks

If you’re looking for a healthy snack that will leave everyone in the office satisfied, we suggest Opopop’s Discovery Kit. With 7 pouches of Flavor Wrapped Popcorn Kernels, the Discovery Kit is a great way to get a flavor that will impress every coworker. It also includes a microwave popcorn popper and lid, so you can get popping right away. It includes some of our most popular, gourmet flavors from sweet to savory: Vanilla cake pop, Cinnalicious, Maui heat, Chedapeno, Fancy Butter, and Salted Umami. We even threw in a Lightly Salted test launch so you can perfect that popcorn setting on your breakroom microwave. Shop our full selection of cravable Opopop flavors and stock your shelves with the most fun and healthiest office snack, popcorn!

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