Delicious Holiday Gift Ideas: Flavor Wrapped Popcorn

Give Opopop Popcorn as a Gift This Holiday Season

Opopop is here to make your holiday gift-giving easy this festive season. Choose from a wide variety of our popcorn flavors to get a healthy and delicious treat for those you care about.

Knowing what’s on everyone’s wish list this year is tough. Deciding what gifts to get for everyone on your list is a daunting task, but fret not! Now there’s no need to make things more difficult on yourself by attempting to navigate the hundreds of thousands of holiday deals that are flooding your email’s promotional tab.

For those discerning shoppers looking to get their holiday shopping out of the way early and who are looking to give something unique to those they care about, we’ve compiled a list of some of our best popcorn flavors. These flavors are sure to be a welcome and delicious surprise this holiday season.

Opopop Microwave Popcorn Flavors

Between our Limited Edition Holiday Flavors, our distinct and discerning lineup of Flavor Wrapped Kernels, and our advancements in popcorn popping technology, simply put, Opopop products make the perfect holiday gift for friends, family, and co-workers. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love popcorn? Especially when it comes in these deliciously festive flavors. Season’s Eatings. 


Our Discovery Kit is a great way to begin your quest for the perfect microwave popcorn. It includes a microwave popcorn popper and lid, plus seven pouches of Flavor Wrapped Kernels (1 pouch of each gourmet popcorn flavor and 1 Test Launch pouch of our Lightly Salted flavor so you can test your microwave's cook time before trying the other flavors). If you want to wave bon voyage to boring popcorn and set sail on a flavor-filled snack adventure, then this is the kit for you.


Opopop’s Fancy Butter is pure, unadulterated buttery flavored perfection. The OG is the benchmark microwave popcorn flavor that set the liquid gold standard for all other microwave popcorn. It’s the one you love and come back to time and time again. This is the perfect combination of savory, melt-in-your-mouth, buttery goodness. Fancy Butter is hot, fresh, butter-flavored popcorn, just as it should be. 

CHEDAPENO | $14.99

Cheezy and spicy and everything nicely. Our cheese-flavored popcorn gets a kick in the hypothetical pants by its tried and true friend, the jalapeño. It's a little dangerous, but you already know that. This flavor isn’t for the faint of heart, but no pain, no gain, after all.


Because popcorn in the AM is totally a thing, no one can tell you not to eat popcorn for breakfast. And when it comes in the flavor of a sweet cinnamon roll, how could you not? This is how Opopop wakes up.

MAUI HEAT | $14.99

Hot like lava. Sweet like pineapple. Sweet, savory, and totally spicy. The island vibes come from sweet pineapple, and we bring the heat with cayenne and smoked paprika. A true professional wouldn’t be afraid to put it on pizza. 


This sweet vanilla-flavored treat is craveably delicious. Popcorn has never had it this good. We’ve spoiled our kernels with layers of vanilla goodness to satisfy your sweet tooth, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love cake?

We Take Flavor Seriously.

Our team has built a delicious spectrum of flavors, and we've wrapped each kernel in gourmet tastiness for you to enjoy. Here at Opopop, we’re on a mission to liberate you from boring popcorn with unexpected flavors, new ways to pop, and a complete reinvention of your favorite snack. We make delicious gourmet popcorn optimized for eating. Go on, treat yourself. Shop Now!

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