How to Get Free Shipping: The Kernel Club

free shipping popcorn snack brand

We know once you taste your favorite Opopop flavors it’s kind of hard to stop. Sooooo… we wanted to create a club that would make it even easier for you to purchase your favorite kernels. 

For our most frequent customers, we’ve created a way to save on shipping so you can get the most *pop* for your buck. 

How Can I Save on Shipping?

Say it with us, *The Kernel Club*. Think of it as your gateway to all the Opopop you can imagine, but with FREE shipping. For $50 a year, you can get free shipping on up to 12 orders! This is a fantastic way to save if you already know you will be repurchasing. And the kicker is, it comes with another freebie: A Free Starter Kit to gift! You can give it to your BFF, your Auntie Em, Cousin Eddy, or your new neighbor. They will love you for it, we guarantee it. 

Other Perks of The Kernel Club

Besides free shipping and a free Flavor Wrapped Kernel Discovery Kit, you also get early access to our newest flavors and products before anyone else. You’ll receive 2x points on every dollar you spend, which can be used to (insert info on redeeming points?)

How to Join The Kernel Club

It’s literally soooooo easy. Purchase a membership, log in when you shop, and get free shipping! 

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