Introducing Flavor Wrapped™ Popcorn Kernels

Today, we’re giving America’s favorite snack a major upgrade. We’re incredibly excited to introduce you to the world’s first Flavor Wrapped™ Popcorn Kernels.

When we began this journey, we were just a small group of popcorn lovers who wanted better popcorn. Despite popcorn’s popularity, it had lacked innovation for decades. Nothing exciting had happened since the invention of the Air Popper and microwave popcorn in the 1970’s. Sure, there have been some new bagged popcorn flavors, but everyone knows the best popcorn is made hot and fresh. What was missing from fresh popcorn was great flavor, a better experience, and special attention to growing the perfect kernels. 

Popcorn lovers have always had to settle for less than the best popcorn. We call that a popportunity. So we set out to completely reinvent popcorn. And thus, Opopop was born.

We love each and every kernel.

Our commitment starts with the seeds we plant, the soil it grows in, and the climate where it thrives. We wanted a kernel with very specific characteristics. Something that would bloom into the perfect blend of crunch and melt-in-your-mouth goodness. That led us to identify a unique seed that could be specially grown to produce Opopop kernels. Today, each of those seeds is planted and nurtured to perfection under the watchful eye of our farming family in Nebraska.

After our kernels are all grown up and harvested, they are sent to our facility in Denver, Colorado. Our flavor team then combines them with tasty premium ingredients to create Flavor Wrapped™ Popcorn Kernels. From growing it, to flavoring it, to packing it up for you, it never leaves our sight. Obsessed much? Definitely, but we’ll take that as a compliment.

We take flavor very seriously.

The microwave actually makes great popcorn. Sadly, people have had to live with below average options for far too long. What our team invented is an entirely new concept on popcorn flavor delivery. The secret to Flavor Wrapped™ Popcorn Kernels’ exceptional flavor is surrounding each individual kernel with the perfect mix of ingredients before it’s popped, allowing every kernel to bloom to flavorful perfection.

Our flavor team has built a portfolio of delicious creations for you. Flavor Wrapped™ Popcorn Kernels come in six signature flavors, including reimagined classics, like Fancy Butter, and uniquely created experiences like Maui Heat and Vanilla Cake Pop. Just pick your favorite, pour it into our microwave popper, and pop yourself a delicious snack. Made for eating by the faceful.


Our goal from day one was to create a premium popcorn brand for a new generation of popcorn lovers. And we’re committed to delivering exceptional popcorn flavors through innovative new products. Our mission to liberate you from boring popcorn starts today, but this is just the beginning of our story. Welcome to the popcorn revolution.

Your Opopop journey starts here.

The best way to meet all of the Opopop flavors is to start with our Discovery Kit. It comes with a family-sized serving of each of our 6 signature flavors, as well as an Opopop Microwave Popper to pop them in. Consider it a quick start to mastering your popping experience.

Flavor Wrapped™ Popcorn Kernels are available, starting today, exclusively from We create them in small batches, then pack them up with ice packs (they like to stay cool like chocolate) and send them directly to you with 2-day shipping. As a bonus, you also get free shipping on your first Discovery Kit. So what are you waiting for? 



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