Introducing The (New) Official Bowl Of Microwave Popcorn

Opopop Popper

You asked. We listened. Meet our brand new, fully optimized, totally awesome, microwave popcorn popper. It pops kernels better, is easier to handle, retains less heat, and has a deliciously fancy new look. Here’s what makes this popper the official bowl of microwave popcorn...

(NOTE: if you currently use our original popper, please be aware that your cook time will be shorter with this new popper)


Our engineers tested, optimized, and tested some more to make sure this popper gives you the best popping experience. And we know this one is the best because we compared it with every other silicone microwave popper we could find. Some good. Some bad. But all of them have a weakness.

Our goal was to improve all aspects of the popping experience, including speed, number of kernels popped, and heat management. A couple of optimizations that make this popper better include reducing its thickness and lowering the popping chamber so that it is closer to the bottom of the microwave, allowing the kernels to cook more quickly. 


Our new popper includes a removable handling ring that can be left on during popping and removed when washing. If you need some entertainment, you can also use it for a game of ring toss.

This new ring allows for easy handling when taking the popper out of the microwave and will not retain heat, so you won’t need hot pads anymore. You’re welcome.

The ring also keeps the bowl from collapsing when you’re handling it or pouring popcorn out and makes it easier to give the popper some good shakes to further distribute flavor. Bonus points for sharing your popcorn shaking dance to social and tagging us @opopopco.

It’s also got a brand new lid that fits more securely. Plus we had to make it match the nifty new handling ring.


Our new fully optimized microwave popper is now available and will be included with every Discovery Kit. We also sell it separately, so make sure you get one because it’s awesome. Get it here

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