Get To Know Our Limited Holiday Popcorn Flavor Releases


Our goal from day one was to create a premium popcorn brand for a new generation of popcorn enthusiasts, and here at Opopop we’re committed to delivering exceptional popcorn flavors through innovative new products. Now we're here to liberate you from boring holiday popcorn flavors.

Opopop brings two new exclusive Flavor Wrapped™ Kernel holiday flavors to help spread holiday cheer. Paired with our most popular Fancy Butter in limited edition holiday packaging, it’s an incredible gift for the foodie or popcorn lover in your life. Give the gift of flavor this holiday season, with our Opopop Limited Edition Holiday Fancy Butter, Salty Caramel, and Gingersnap — guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Opopop Popcorn Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift

If you’re unsure what to give your friends, family, or loved ones this holiday season, consider giving them something that’s fun, fanciful and tastes great. Our newest flavors include Salty Caramel, Gingersnap, and Fancy Butter.

Opopop’s Salty Caramel could be described as the perfect salty and sweet holiday treat and we consider this to be one of our best flavors ever. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and rich caramel, matched with a savory salty flair—which makes this an instant hit. The only risk is that you’re going to want more.

Our Gingersnap, new for the 2021 Holiday Season, is perfectly spiced for holiday delights. A holiday classic brought to life in true Opopop style, Gingersnap is a delicious combination of sweet and gingery yumminess. From the first to the last bite, your taste buds will thank you for spoiling them.

Opopop’s Fancy Butter can only be described as pure buttery flavored perfection. This is the OG, the benchmark—the popcorn flavor by which all other popcorn flavors are measured. Fancy Butter is the new liquid gold microwave popcorn standard. It’s the one you love, the one you crave, and the one you can’t live without. The perfect combination of savory, melt-in-your-mouth, buttery goodness. This is hot, fresh, butter-flavored popcorn, just like it should be. We know what you’re thinking, so we’ll say no more. Simply put, buy this and take your movie holiday movie nights to the next level.

Holiday Discovery Kit

Our new limited edition Holiday Flavors Discovery Kit is an excellent way to begin your quest for perfect microwave popcorn. The Opopop Holiday Discovery Kit also makes for a great holiday gift. Each kit includes a microwave popcorn popper and lid—a $25 value—plus 3 pouches of Flavor Wrapped Kernels, one pouch of each holiday popcorn flavor and one Test Launch pouch of our Lightly Salted flavor so you can test your microwave's cook time before diving into the other seasonal flavors.

  • Each holiday pouch fills the popper 2x
  • The Test Launch pouch fills it 1x
  • 7 full popper servings in total
  • Makes 63 cups of popcorn in total
  • All flavors are Gluten-Free + Non-GMO
  • Popper is BPA free and dishwasher safe

Limited Edition Holiday Trio

The best holiday popcorn trio ever. Salty Caramel and Gingersnap are paired with our most popular flavor, Fancy Butter, in limited edition holiday packaging. The Opopop Limited Edition Holiday Trio is the perfect gift for the food lover or popcorn fanatic in your life.

  • 3 Big Bags fill the popper 18 times
  • 3 Big Bags = 162 cups of popcorn
  • All flavors are Gluten Free + Non-GMO
  • Vegan (except Fancy Butter)

We Take Flavor Seriously.

Spice up the holidays with our limited edition popcorn flavors. Treat yourself or gift Fancy Butter, Salty Caramel, and Gingersnap flavors this holiday season. Pick your favorite, pour it into your popper, and have a tasty microwave popcorn snack like no other. Shop Now

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